Welcome to Spaces4business

National storage & warehousing solutions for industry and commerce

Spaces4business operates a comprehensive range of storage and warehousing services across the UK. Our matrix of commercial premises interlinks industrial centres up and down the country. This established network enables us to provide a service to a diverse array of high-end and medium-level clients, ranging from import and export businesses to insurance corporations needing to store damaged stock.


Spaces4business provides a diverse, innovative and flexible range of warehousing and storage solutions. Our customers can benefit from short-term or long-term leases of premises ranging from state-of-the-art distribution centres through to industrial storage units. If we don't have an off-the-shelf solution suited to a clients needs, we can create bespoke solutions, tailored and customised to the unique requirements of individual customers and their type of industry, whether manufacture, import, export, distribution, insurance, retail, etc. We are never short on imagination, flexibility or resourcefulness, and our expertise can be relied on.

For more information on our range of storage and warehousing solutions on offer or to discuss your requirements, please call: 0845 9000 577 or email: info@spaces4business.co.uk