Self Storage Guidance

  1. Make sure you use appropriate packaging materials.
  2. All packaging materials should be numbered and labelled. It is also good practice to list the contents
  3. Always keep the health and safety of yourself and others in mind. It is advisable to label heavy items with a warning to alert people of its weight. Flammable liquids are prohibited from storage, so hazardous fuels must be drained from machinery.
  4. When stacking items, place lighter and more fragile items on top of heavier items. Ideally, delicate items should be wrapped in protective materials (e.g. bubble wrap), and placed in strong boxes with space in between them to limit the possibility of damage. It may seem obvious (but it is sometimes forgotten) that full boxes do not collapse as easily as half empty boxes when weight is placed on them. Also, to avoid leakage and water damage, fridges and freezers need to be de-frosted and dried out, with their doors wedged open.
  5. For ease of access, ensure you store important items and documents in the same box or package.
  6. It is vital that you have adequate and appropriate insurance cover for all items in storage because you will not be covered otherwise.

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