Self Storage Questions

1. How much does the self-storage service cost?
Our storage is competitively priced and based on your specific requirements, including preferred location, volume of stock, and type of storage required. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.
2. Is there a minimum hire period?
The minimum hire period is two weeks. Our service is a rolling self-storage solution which allows you to use the storage facilities on a longer-term basis if you require them.
3. What are the payment terms?
Please contact us for our payment terms.
4.How secure are the facilities?
The security and protection of your stock is of paramount concern to us. Building surveillance (including 24 hour monitored alarms and CCTV) is an essential minimum, but we can also cater for more advanced security arrangements if required.
5. Are there limitations on what can be stored?
We prohibit the storage of perishable, flammable or illegal items, but apart from these exclusions you can store anything you need to.
6. Are goods in storage insured?
You will need to insure your own goods as they will not be covered by our insurance policy.
7. Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade the size of storage space?
Yes - the storage scheme is flexible, enabling you to upgrade or downgrade, or even move location, according to your requirements and our business terms.

For more information on our business self storage solutions on offer or to discuss your requirements, please call: 0845 9000 577 or email: