Storage Demurrage Solutions

Competitive short-term storage solutions for imported goods

Imported freight which arrives at UK sea, rail or air terminals can incur storage demurrage when collection is delayed. This additional storage charge is normally triggered when imported goods remain at a terminal for longer than the agreed "free-time period". For instance, a problem might arise with the collection and transport of your property, resulting in excessive charges which eat into your profits.

Demurrage storage

Our short-term storage solutions for importers exist to take the headache out of such delays, by ensuring that your goods are swiftly collected (following clearance by customs) from the arrival terminal and taken to a suitable storage facility as short a distance away as possible. You will then have the breathing space to sort out the problems which caused the delay in the first place.

Our fees for this service are very competitive in comparison to what you might have to pay otherwise.

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